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We have both Clinic and In Home ABA therapy available. One of our many specialties includes helping children with speech delays and apraxia retrieve language and build sentence structure while simultaneously shaping verbal approximations. Our therapists are trained to utilize the natural environment and child led motivation in a fun and meaningful way while staying true to basic behavior analytic principles. Our creative programming provides a unique approach to traditional ABA with the main goal of building concepts and generalization.

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The Clinic ABA program provides daily one-to-one intensive therapy using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and Verbal Behavior. The clinic program offers opportunitites for community outings and generalization of functional life skills. Every program at the Katy ABA Center of Texas L.L.C. is significantly individualized for each child's needs. In home parent training sessions are provided for clinic based clients. To make our therapy most successful we believe that collabration with parents and our interdisciplinary team is important.

Early Childhood Clinic ages 2 +
Transitional Clinic ages 6 +


The In Home ABA program includes a team of highly trained and qualified professionals who assess and develop a program based on the individualized needs of your child. In Home ABA is particularly beneficial for increased generalization in an environment where your child feels most comfortable. As part of the in home services parent training will be provided. We encourage collaboration between your family and our interdisciplinary team for clinical coordination of care for your child.

Loren Lancaster, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA
Clinical Director


23222 Kingsland Blvd. Suite A,
Katy, TX 77494

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